Zeszyt 12(2014)4


Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae 12(2014)4


List of reviewers of Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae’s issues 14(2014)1-4

I. Humanistic grounds for environmental protection

Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, Cry of the earth, of the poor, and of the spirit. Physical, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of the ecological crisis

Ryszard Kowalski, Edward Grott, The importance of environmental education in preventative healthcare

Asta Balčiūnaitienė, Jovita Daukšytė, Larisa Voronova, Мотивациякакстимулирующий факторв изучении иностранных языковвзрослыми учащимися


II. Natural grounds for environmental protection

Bella Striganova, Peculiarities of biotic interactions in the soil system

Sergei M. Golubkov, Mikhail S. Golubkov, Evgenia V. Balushkina, Larisa F. Litvinchuk, Biotic interactions, energy pathways and trigger factors of ecosystem dynamics in shallow saline lakes

Izabella Olejniczak, Anna Prędecka, Stefan Russel, The impact of experimental forest fire on collembolan communities

Krzysztof W. Opaliński, Competition for food in macroplankton animals in the Vistula Lagoon


III. Law and Environmental Management

Czesław Wodzikowski, The values and principles of sustainable development in policy and legislation of the Republic of Poland


IV. Miscellanea

Dzwonkowska Dominika, International conference on climate change: Faith actors working towards climate justice, 18th& 19thNovember 2013, Warsaw, Poland

Krassimira Ilieva-Makulec, A visit to the Institute of Ecology and Bioethics in the Frame of Erasmus Programme

Zbigniew Łepko, Mensch und Umwelt: Der Wiederaufbau des verwüsteten Oἶκος. Die internationale Tagung – UKSW - Warschau – 29. 10. 2014.

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