Issue 7(2009)1

Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae 7(2009)1


I. Human Ecology

Napoleon Wolański, Anna Siniarska, Perspectives of human biology in Poland, with special emphasize to axiology

Janusz Jerzemowski, The influence of environmental factors on pathogenesis of circulation system diseases – selected problems

Dorota Strzyżewska, Respiratory functions of Warsaw children and air pollution

Ryszard Przewęda, Changes in physical fitness of Polish youth during the last three decades


II. Bioethics and Human Philosophy

Dieter Birnbacher, Responsibility for Future Genenerations – Scope and Limits

Kazimierz Szałata, What anthropology for protection of life

Irena Grochowska, Ecology of women as a harmony of interior world and nature

Kazimierz Szałata, Evolution of Hippocratic moral science


III. Law and Environmental Protection

Antoni Skowroński, Legal and administrative system, models and methods of the municipal waste management (general information)

Marta Dołęga, Krzysztof Biernat, Ecological risk management procedures

Grzegorz Embros, A behavioural audit as a tool of the Health and Safety Management Systems


IV. Environmental Education

Jan Sandner, Selected aspects of research methodology of a holistic educational environment in the light of the idea of sustainable development

Elzbieta Buchcic, The ecological education as priority in the sphere of education nowadays

Ryszard F. Sadowski, ,,Religion and Ecology” – the new scientific paradigm

Cezary Naumowicz, Eco-theology as a form of Christian diaconia to creation


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