Issue 8(2010)1

Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae 8(2010)1

I. Law and Environmental Protection

Maciej Jabłoński, Legal and administrative aspects of environmental protection

Anna Marciniuk-Kluska, Antoni Bombik, Attempt to assess the Polish countryside development five years after the accession to the European Union

Piotr Krajewski, Old age in the aging Europe

Alicja Jawor, Antoni Skowroński, Realization of Air Protection Repair Program (NPOP)

Anna Augustyniuk-Kram, Beneficial organisms in biological control strategies – entomopathogenic fungi

Magdalena Klaudia Terlecka, Problem of the dormouse species (Glis glis L.) protection in Poland


II. Bioethics and Human Philosophy

Krzysztof Butowski, Admissibility of Death Penalty formulated by Tadeusz Ślipko. Death Penalty as a recapitulation of justified defence

Cezary Naumowicz, Ecology and Anthropology in Ecofeminist Theology

Mariusz Ciszek, The postulate of the fourth generation of humans rights in political system of international protection-attempt of philosophical justification from ethical personalism perspective

Jarosław Horowski, The autonomy of the world and the subjectivity of man in ecotheology

Magdalena Klaudia Terlecka, Schweitzer’s category of responsibility as philosophical basis of sustainable development


III. Ecological Education

Jan Sandner, Selected problems of environmental education in a holistic view of sustainable development

Grzegorz Embros, The instruments supporting education for sustainable development

I. Chrząścik, A. Marciniuk-Kluska, M. Kluska, Ecoinnovations and sustainable development

Ilona Żeber – Dzikowska, Preparing students of the natural science specializations to realize the issues of sustainable development

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