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Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae

ISSN: 1733-1218


The first volume "Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae" appeared in 2003 as the annual bound volume. After six years volumes 7 and 8 appeared as semi-annual. From 2011 the magazine is a quarterly. In "Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae" authentic scientific papers, reviewed by two external reviewers are being published.  
The magazine is being scored according to the directive of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.  Authors publishing their works in the magazine receive 11 pt. according to the up-to-date standardized list of MNiSW magazines from day 23 of December of 2015.  Papers published into Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae are available on websites of the magazine.  Moreover Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae is possible to find in three Internet bases:

At the moment the magazine is making up from four sections: Humanistic Bases of the environmental protection, Natural Bases of the environmental protection, the Law and managing with Environment and Environmental Technologies. Basic sections of the magazine of the Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae is supplementing the section of Miscellanea and Reports and the Review.

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