Issue 11(2013)3


Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae 11(2013)3


I. Humanistic grounds for environmental protection

Zbigniew Łepko, From the ethology of animals to human ecology

Paulina Selmaj-Pomaska, The Klaus Michael Meyer-Abich theory of responsibility

Marcin Leźnicki, The value of lifeat the coreof Islamic(bio)ethics

Ilona Żeber – Dzikowska, Elżbieta Buchcic, The ethical dimension ofecological thinking and action in early childhood education


II. Natural grounds for environmental protection

Jerzy Macewicz, Can Europe accept genetically modified crops? - Arguments for and against


III. Law and Environmental Management

Maciej Jabłoński, The organization ofenvironmental protection in Poland

Maciej Jabłoński, Legal andadministrative aspects of maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities


IV. Environmental technologies

Anna Zamojska-Jaroszewicz, Anna Matuszewska, Marlena Owczuk, Dorota Wardzińska, The use of biodegradable waste to produce biogas as an alternative source of renewable energy

Monika Wójcik, Environmental aspects of shale gas exploration and extraction processes


V. Miscellanea

Wojciech Bołoz, To withdraw futile treatment or to prolong life at all costs - an ethical point of view

Jacek Tomczyk, Preliminary report on human remains from Qasr Shemamok (Erbil, Federal region of Iraqi Kurdystan). Season 2012

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